TechSmith Camtasia Screen Recorder 2022 -Video Editor for MAC

Product Description

1. Record your screen

Record anything on your computer screen — websites, software, video calls, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

2. Add a few effects

Drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and more in the built-in video editor.

3. Share your knowledge

Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.

Templates & Themes

Templates & Themes

Easier than ever – use Camtasia’s new video templates to create the video you need. Or, stay on the brand by creating your own themes to keep a consistent, corporate look and feel in your videos.

Camtasia Packages

Camtasia Screen Recorder 2022 Packages

Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, and presets in a single file.

Audio / Music

Audio / Music

Choose from our library of royalty-free music and sound effects to insert into your recordings. Or, record and edit your audio clips using a microphone, the sound from your computer, or import clips to get the perfect audio for your video.



Choose from over 100 transitions to use between scenes and slides to improve the flow of your videos.



Use callouts, arrows, shapes, lower thirds, and sketch motion to highlight important points in your video.

PowerPoint Integration

PowerPoint Integration

Turn your presentation into a video. Record with the PowerPoint Add-In or import slides directly into Camtasia.

Simplified Editing

Simplified Editing

Camtasia’s simple drag-and-drop editor makes adding, removing, trimming, or moving sections of video or audio a breeze.

Screen Recording Options

Screen Recording Options

Camtasia records exactly what you want – the entire screen, specific dimensions, a region, a window, or an application.

Audio FX

Audio FX

Reduce background noise, even out audio levels, add audio points, adjust pitch and gain, and much more to ensure high-quality audio in your videos.

What’s New in Camtasia Screen Recorder 2022

Learn about new features and improvements in Camtasia Screen Recorder 2022 that simplify the process of making polished videos.

List of library assets in library tab

Camtasia Screen Recorder 2022 Library Expansion

Camtasia 2022 comes preloaded with a brand-new library stocked with over 1000 assets. The updated library includes many new categories of assets and elements to improve the look of any video.

  • -Animations
  • -Audio tracks
  • -Time counters
  • -Callout labels/indicators
  • -And much more!

Camtasia Screen Recorder for MAC 2022 Home

Access new projects, templates, learning resources, and more in the new Home window. Camtasia displays this window on start-up.

Example of home screen view on startup



Cursor Path Editing

Edit, delete, or add cursor paths to Camtasia Screen Recorder for MAC 2022 recordings (TREC) or add new cursor paths to images, videos, grouped media and more to create polished looking videos:

Software or product demos

Instructive or how-to videos

Business presentations and recorded slideshows

Emphasize a button or link with your cursor, match your voice narration with the on-screen cursor movement, correct a mistake made with the cursor during recording, and much more.

New Visual Effects in Camtasia Screen Recorder for MAC 2022

Blend Mode

Blend visuals from two pieces of media to customize the look of screen content or create a cinematic effect with video footage, images, and b-roll.

Blend mode effect in visual effects tab


Shine some light and focus attention in your video. Drag and drop this visual effect to your media and adjust the properties for your preferred look.

Spotlight effect in visual effects tab

Outline Edges

Instantly transform your media into a simplified sketch of your on-screen content.

Outline edges effect in visual effects tab

See Visual Effects Overview.