WinRar – Powerful file extractor and file archive creator for Windows

WinRar – Powerful file extractor and file archive creator for Windows

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Winrar is a powerful file extractor and file archive creator for both 32BIt and 64BIT architecture. With this program you can easily create any type of archive like ZIP and RAR and compress your file as much as possible. you can also work with large files up to 8000 billion gigabytes to compress or extract it with ease. One of the essential features of the WinRar software is the self-extracting function. It converts a compressed file into an executable file with an EXE extension so that it can be used on a computer that does not have the WinRar program installed. Unzip them.
Winrar can encrypt your files during compression with a great 128 bit AES encryption algorithm to make it harder for hackers to access your important files and this can be caused at risk to your security but don’t worry about that algorithm encryption to make sure your files keep with a bulletproof encryption algorithm. Winrar is also available for other operating systems with the same capabilities. below you can find other features of Winrar.
  • Tiny size compared to many features
  • Numerous and beautiful skins of different sizes
  • Support for other languages ​​such as the sweet Persian language
  • Password on file and ability to compress and fast and secure files
  • Ability to create and implement the well-known RAR and ZIP compressed formats
  • Ability to enter passwords when compressing files
  • Quickly extract files from compressed mode
  • Recover and repair compressed files
  • Create compressed files in EXE format
  • Ability to repair files
  • Antivirus scanning capability to detect malicious files
  • Wizard to simplify the creation of compressed files and extraction
  • Use the latest methods to reduce the volume and quality of compression
  • Improve compression speed for multi-processor and multi-core systems
  • Add option to delete duplicate folders in program settings
  • Compatibility with various Windows versions including Windows 10, 7, 8,8.1,XP