Phrase Expander – Your texts and templates in a single place – For Windows

Phrase Expander – Your texts and templates in a single place – For Windows

Product Description

Phrase Expander 5.3

This is a digital download product.

You will get the software Activation files

Lifetime Activation for Phrase Expander 5.3 , No extra fees in the future.

For Windows only


Your texts and templates in a single place

Recall them by typing a keyboard shortcut. In any application

Templates list

Store any phrase you type often for quick access by Phrase Expander

Suggestions are displayed as you type

Relevant suggestions are displayed as you type in any application

Differently from other text expanders, Phrase Expander displays suggestions as you type, in the Suggestions window.

Type an abbreviation and Phrase Expander will display all the templates that match the text you typed.

You can trigger the desired template by pressing the SHIFT key.

There’s no need to remember abbreviations or to use prefixes as they will not conflict with your normal typing.

PhraseExpander Quick Find

Instantly get any template with Quick Find

Don’t remember the abbreviation?

No problem.

By pressing the ALT   SPACE shortcut, the Quick Find pops up and you can immediately search your entire library.

And insert the appropriate information in any document. Instantly.

Save time with word and phrase autocompletion

SmartComplete™ will speed up your typing by offering relevant suggestions.

smartcomplete phrase autocomplete
autocomplete words

Avoid mistakes with long and hard-to-type terms

Typing long and very similar terms can be a pain.

SmartComplete™ can help by autocompleting them.

Phrase Expander – Standardize your common docs (No IT required)

Creating templates can be a bothersome task.

Especially if the language is not easy to understand and they work only in specific applications (e.g. Microsoft Word).

The new variable syntax


PhraseExpander templating system is easy to use and works in any program.

And you can get started in just a few minutes:

PhraseExpander can extract frequent terms and phrases from documents

Import or extract data from your documents

On top of manually adding your contents, you can build your library faster: